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Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2019 10:32 am
by paulmilo
Hi guys,

When you cycle through the history on the VM after a flight, I have a page that I have no idea about:

The page has:
1 under power it has "07641"
2 under rpm it has CE 98,
3 EGT/CHT = 0 , shows a startup voltage at 11.9 and oil temp 173, everything else is zero.

Any idea what that might be? Esp the 07641 perhaps the CE98 and 07641 is a software version perhaps?

The other pages look obvious with the low/high flying values and hours just flown. When you first turn it on with the engine off, you get your tach time which for my acft is 403 hrs.

Also the instructions tell you how to create a swept path on the tacho, but when I try to do that it wont change. Do all VM units allow you to change to a swept path?